Quote of the Day

Those who live in the modern world have become so bored with life that we watch other people for our own entertainment. Think about that…..

Poem of the Day: World Discovery

With my passport secure I’m ready to disappear. Travel the world and see new sights that some may find obscure. To go to new places and experience new cultures, expand my awareness and bring forth a new person. A different perspective is definitely worth searching for, to see things that you’ve only seen on yourContinue reading “Poem of the Day: World Discovery”

Origins Of The Black Panther Party

Below is a link to an article giving some background information on the Black Panther Party.  Despite what the media has done to smear their name the truth is still out there.  There are a lot of false information surrounding the group.  But in this day and age with the use of the Internet, weContinue reading “Origins Of The Black Panther Party”