WhyTF (Series): Why TF is there no technology that can help me understand my cat?

https://t.co/vLjNcyFkH3#Cats #CatVideos — Damien Jackson (@Damien_Jackson2) October 19, 2020

You Can Call Me…….

You can call me “black”, even though that is not the color of my skin. You can call me an “African American”, even though neither me, my parents, or my great grand parents are from there. You can call me a “Floridian” because that’s the place I reside, unless I choose to move somewhere else.Continue reading “You Can Call Me…….”

Google Presents…. Project Soli

I am not a big fan of huge corporations that earn billions of dollars off of the average person. But this piece of tech displays the power of our minds and imagination. Hopefully it will not be used as a way to gain profits and or control the population.     http://worldtruth.tv/googles-new-project-is-so-insanely-advanced-it-will-blow-you-away/