Underdog Podcast: Ep. 140 – Weekend Recap, G7 Corporate Tax, and Crypto News

https://dlive.tv/Damien_Jackson?ref=dlive-zxolfpfpik Underdog Podcast (Live Stream) starting soon!!! Come join the stream!!! Support my podcast and channels by shopping at underdogproductstore. Ep. 140 – Weekend Recap, G7 Corporate Tax, and Crypto News 

The Fall of EA Sports

http://www.youtube.com/watch For all those gamers out there, this documentary touches your heart and for some of us older people it touches our childhood too. Last year I didn’t buy Madden because I had enough of the lack of improvement in the game. As I type this now I’m downloading the game trial that is includedContinue reading “The Fall of EA Sports”

Ronda Rousey….. Role Model!

I am not one to think that athletes or celebrities show be looked up to as role models…..  But what Ronda Rousey says in this video makes perfect sense.  Something that all young women should pay attention too.  When my daughter comes of age I will reiterate these words to her.  #DNB  https://www.facebook.com/bleacherreport/posts/10153179061156006