Poem of the Day:  A Message To My Exes

Shout out to all my exes and any female I ever messed with.  This is for all those women who did me wrong and disrespected me.  I grew strong through every situation.  I laughed in the face of rejection and battled through the Great Depression to come out on top.  A better man than whatContinue reading “Poem of the Day:  A Message To My Exes”

Divorced and Dating……

First and foremost I appreciate all my family and friends for being there for me.  Also thank you for always wanting the best for me.  I feel like they all have this idea of the exact person I should be with.  Whether the person is my age and with kids or older.  Whether that personContinue reading “Divorced and Dating……”

Poem of the Day: Bonnie Found

It took a while but my prayers have been answered.  I’ve finally been blessed with a woman who is nothing less than spectacular.  This whole thing, I thought would have never occurred.  I’ve found my partner, my loyal best friend.  The person who helped put me back together again.  No longer am I damaged.  IContinue reading “Poem of the Day: Bonnie Found”

Poem of the Day:  Cursed Or Destined To Be With You

Now let me be honest.  This is my moment to speak the truth.  You were the love of my life but now I can’t even look at you.  I think I despise you.  I don’t really like you.  The shit you have done almost makes me loose all respect for you.  I will always forgiveContinue reading “Poem of the Day:  Cursed Or Destined To Be With You”

A Message To The Women With Broken Hearts (Damaged Goods)

Yes, you can be single and independent.  But companionship and love are our most basic needs as human beings.  Do not let your fear hold you back from attaining happiness in your life.  If you say you want a good man then accept him.  When a good man presents himself do not push him offContinue reading “A Message To The Women With Broken Hearts (Damaged Goods)”

Poem of the Day:  Us……  The Never Ending Story 

From one fight to the next.  The breakup then makeup sex.  To the bullet proof vest to help protect you from all of my vicious threats.  The intent you display when things don’t go your way makes me want to stray away and find a better place.  Because your crazy.  And so am I butContinue reading “Poem of the Day:  Us……  The Never Ending Story “