The American Negro Is The American Indian Wake up to yet another lie and narrative that has been pushed upon people for political and financial gain. The land of North America has been populated by modern humans of different shades of the color brown for thousands of years. You have to question everything.

Thought of the Day

As like many of you I have been contemplating on who to vote for president of the United States in this upcoming election. Part of me is considering voting for Trump due to the fact that I don’t like what Joe Biden is standing for in his politics. But another part of me is thinkingContinue reading “Thought of the Day”

Malcom X: Liberals VS Conservatives I agree with some things in the video that still hold some resemblance to politics today. Both liberal and conservative parties are trying to teach out to dark skin color people. But that mindset is true for both sides in politics. They are trying to appease any demographic or subculture in order to receiveContinue reading “Malcom X: Liberals VS Conservatives”