So What Are You Really Mad About?

Again another shooting of an unarmed person has been caught on video and is now going viral on social media and the Internet.  Terence Crutcher was seen on video being shot by police after his hands were raised, in what appears to be a gesture letting officers know that he was unarmed and posed noContinue reading “So What Are You Really Mad About?”

Fact of the Day

Out of 320 million people in the United States approximately  1,146 people were shot and killed by police last year.  This statistic can be found on The Guardian website. To look at things from a different perspective, 142 police officers died in the line of duty last year.  Approximately 42 were killed from aContinue reading “Fact of the Day”

Police Shootings In the U.S. And How It Is Not A Race Issue

To begin, as I have stated before in a previous blog, race is a social construct.  Some people might be offended by this, to those people, I wish you attain the ability to look at things objectively.  I hope that you can allow yourself to use a rational mind to tackle difficult issues in yourContinue reading “Police Shootings In the U.S. And How It Is Not A Race Issue”