Poem of the day: The Accountable Outlier

It seems like I don’t fit into none of their categories. Your labels can’t define me, so I guess I’m just an anomaly. An outlier who lies outside of the statical data gathering. You can try your best to describe me, but that will take an eternity. I am who I am so don’t youContinue reading “Poem of the day: The Accountable Outlier”

Poem of the Day: Where Are You God?

I’m not questioning your existence but I’m wondering where the fuck you been? I need your assistance and guidance, I’m trying find the answers to questions that lie within my soul. I’m asking you to grant my wishes like this is Christmas, and you’re that guy from the North Pole who comes around every December.Continue reading “Poem of the Day: Where Are You God?”

Poem of the Day:  Never Forget Me

I hope that you never forget me. I pray that I forever be etched into your memory for all of eternity. May the essence of my soul follow you throughout your existence. And when you’re with him, I hope you think of me. For every shortfall he has you realize that he can never compareContinue reading “Poem of the Day:  Never Forget Me”

Poem of the Day:  What I’ve Been Told

I’ve been told I’m too white.  I’ve been told I’m too black.  I’ve been told my skin is too dark.  I’ve been called an “oreo”.  I’ve been told I was poor.  I’ve been told I was spoiled.  I’ve been told I speak too well.  I’ve been told I’m ghetto.  I’ve been told I’m egoistical.  IveContinue reading “Poem of the Day:  What I’ve Been Told”

Poem of the Day: Emotional Emdurance

The stresses and pressure of life apply pressure to my chest but I manage the strife.  Never do I miss a beat.  I can’t be defeated by anything, I’m not weak.  I’m not always at my peak but I believe the strength I posses can withstand against everything.  When I get knock down I doContinue reading “Poem of the Day: Emotional Emdurance”