Is Drake Just A Scam Artist? Ever since his first I’ve been a critic of Drake and his music. Obviously as a person I can’t attest to his character. But his music and his public actions can be criticized just like any and everyone who do things in a public manner, to include myself. Besides executives within the music industryContinue reading “Is Drake Just A Scam Artist?”

How The Occult Controls The Music Industry and Hollywood This video takes a deep dive and makes connections that I have never heard or read before. Even though it was right in front of my eyes. Some thing I knew but I didn’t connect the dots. Kudos to the maker of this video and to everyone out there working to unveil the thingsContinue reading “How The Occult Controls The Music Industry and Hollywood”

Eminem – My Darling w/Lyrics Listen and read the lyrics to this song. This song was perfect of the bonus tracks that came out with the re-release of his album Relapse. It was eerie to listen to then but even more eerie now listening to it and knowing about the “evils” of the entertainment industry.