What Is Defined As An Issue?

How do we define the events of police shooting, police deaths, and terrorist attacks as a major issue?  We see them on the news and social media which shoves it in our face.  But are they really a huge reoccurring issue or simply isolated incidents?  Anything that comes on the news and happens in aContinue reading “What Is Defined As An Issue?”

Quote of the Day

Race does not exist.  In biology there is nothing in our genetics that defines us by a specific race.  “Race is a social construct.”.  If we as human beings want to rid this world of prejudice, stereotypes, and profiling then we must first understand where it all comes from.  It is a creation by theContinue reading “Quote of the Day”

Do Not Be Fooled:  My Thoughts About Jessie Williams’ Speech 

Do not be mislead by the illusions we see on tv.  By now most have heard and have some sort of emotional response to Jessie Williams’ speech last night on the 2016 BET Awards.  Somethings I agree with like police brutality (for all cultures) and some I do not.  But what I want to talkContinue reading “Do Not Be Fooled:  My Thoughts About Jessie Williams’ Speech “