Evidence Human Civilization Is FAR Older Than We Been Told


Thought of the Day

2020 seems to be the year of the “Great Awakening”. The human species seems to be behind on our evolutionary path. This year we have taken a big step in the best direction in a short amount of time. Everyone, everywhere is starting to question different things they see in society. We are all payingContinue reading “Thought of the Day”

Quote of the Day

One of the best things about the human species is that there are tons of people, which offers tons of variety. A huge population of higher level conscious beings give our species and this planet the opportunity to see and experience things through many perspectives. We can all learn from one another. We are differentContinue reading “Quote of the Day”

You Can Call Me…….

You can call me “black”, even though that is not the color of my skin. You can call me an “African American”, even though neither me, my parents, or my great grand parents are from there. You can call me a “Floridian” because that’s the place I reside, unless I choose to move somewhere else.Continue reading “You Can Call Me…….”

Admiralty Law Explainded By Jordan Maxwell

In this video Jordan Maxwell explains how the citizens of the United States operate under Admiralty Law and not the Constitution.  He describes how words are used to control us and encourages us all to do research on the meanings and the origins of these words.  Please watch this video and WAKE UP!  Open youContinue reading “Admiralty Law Explainded By Jordan Maxwell”

Quote of the Day

The very concept of placing a monetary value on education is repugnant.  In order for a society and a species as a whole to grow, education is needed.  So why make it difficult for people to receive higher levels of education?…..  Unless you wanted to manipulate different subgroups of a society and reduced their intelligenceContinue reading “Quote of the Day”

A Message To The Women With Broken Hearts (Damaged Goods)

Yes, you can be single and independent.  But companionship and love are our most basic needs as human beings.  Do not let your fear hold you back from attaining happiness in your life.  If you say you want a good man then accept him.  When a good man presents himself do not push him offContinue reading “A Message To The Women With Broken Hearts (Damaged Goods)”