Quote of the Day

The point of knowing and remembering events in the past is to help you to understand and learn from it. Then you try your best to not repeat any previous mistakes or wrong doings.

Poem Of The Day: The Hopeless Romantic

A hopeless romantic who is filled with hope and romance. That is just ready to be release upon the woman of his dreams. Oh, where could she be? His heart is bursting at the seams. He believes that one day he will find the thing that which he seeks. Is it stupid to even believeContinue reading “Poem Of The Day: The Hopeless Romantic”

This Past Year….  (From The Heart)

A moment of truth and clarity….  This past year has really sucked lol.  After reuniting with my ex wife and having my family back together she left me, stating that she was unhappy as her reason.  (No bad words will be spoken about her or the situation) Due to other circumstances and reasons the kidsContinue reading “This Past Year….  (From The Heart)”