Poem of the Day:  Not Ready To Die (They Don’t Care)

Two years back, as I was running around that track, I felt the pain and stress in my chest during that test.  Only to find out I had a heart attack.  One doc told me I was to young for that.  Another said the test was wrong, my EKG is just weird because I’m black……Continue reading “Poem of the Day:  Not Ready To Die (They Don’t Care)”

Poem of the Day: Ain’t Shit!

Your ex wife left the house cuz she said you ain’t shit! She said she was unhappy and your skills as a father ain’t shit! Your job thinks you ain’t shit! The customers think you ain’t shit! Can’t even get a decent duty title cuz they think you ain’t shit! The Air Force thinks youContinue reading “Poem of the Day: Ain’t Shit!”