Message of the Day

The rhetoric being spread by news channels and social media is a hateful, negative, and counter productive message.  It is socially irresponsible to spread this to the people of this country.  Spread love not hate.  Inspire people to be rational thinkers and encourage everyone to view things objectively.  Also motivate people to have empathy forContinue reading “Message of the Day”

Poem of the Day:  Cursed Or Destined To Be With You

Now let me be honest.  This is my moment to speak the truth.  You were the love of my life but now I can’t even look at you.  I think I despise you.  I don’t really like you.  The shit you have done almost makes me loose all respect for you.  I will always forgiveContinue reading “Poem of the Day:  Cursed Or Destined To Be With You”

Poem of the Day:  Why The Hate?

Why do you hate me?  What have I done to you?  Why do you despise me?  At some point when did our love become untrue.  Was this all some well conceived ruse?  The mind games you put me through sent me into a confused emotional loop.  My world is blue, but not like the sky.Continue reading “Poem of the Day:  Why The Hate?”

No Matter What Happens, It’s Still Just A Flag

All this talk about what the Confederate flag represents is irrelevant.  People are getting offended and calling it racists is just ignorant.  As I watched the video of the Confederate flag being taken down in South Carolina, I was amused by the people cheering.  I can’t help but find it funny that so many peopleContinue reading “No Matter What Happens, It’s Still Just A Flag”