US, EU governments pledge to remove ‘selected’ Russian banks from SWIFT network

The United States and the European Union have announced a plan to cut out a group of as-yet-to-be-named Russian banks from the international payments messaging system SWIFT. — Read on Now is a good time to look into crypto and blockchain investments. If Russia can’t use the SWIFT system then what will they use….

South Korean regulator to reportedly shut down 11 crypto exchanges

The sources argued that the mentioned crypto exchanges would not be able to get approval for operation by the South Korean Financial Services Commission. — Read on More crackdowns occurring and possibly more on the way. Be careful about which crypto exchanges you use. The best way to keep your crypto safe is byContinue reading “South Korean regulator to reportedly shut down 11 crypto exchanges”

The U.S. is deciding how to respond to China’s digital yuan

The two groups tasked with this research in the U.S., MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, are parsing out what a digital currency might look like for Americans. Privacy is a major concern, so researchers and analysts are observing China’s digital yuan rollout. — Read on MIT and theContinue reading “The U.S. is deciding how to respond to China’s digital yuan”

The American Negro Is The American Indian Wake up to yet another lie and narrative that has been pushed upon people for political and financial gain. The land of North America has been populated by modern humans of different shades of the color brown for thousands of years. You have to question everything.