Quote of the Day

Positive energy spirituality is missing in the many hearts and minds of the people in America today. Pray for each other….

CIA PDF File on Consciousness, Energy, and Inter-Dimensional Travel

http://www.youtube.com/watch Open your mind and listen to this video as reb0rn highlights some of the paragraphs from the CIA document that talks about consciousness and other things. This knowledge is not knew but has yet to be understood or known to by the common person. Give it a listen, form your own opinion, and asContinue reading “CIA PDF File on Consciousness, Energy, and Inter-Dimensional Travel”

Research Topic of the Day:  Zero Point Energy 

This is a new installment for my blog where everyday I want to mention a topic that I feel everyone should know.  Instead of me writing in detail about it I will like for you (the reader) to research it on your own.  These topics will be interesting, stimulating, and will open you mind toContinue reading “Research Topic of the Day:  Zero Point Energy “

A Message To The Women With Broken Hearts (Damaged Goods)

Yes, you can be single and independent.  But companionship and love are our most basic needs as human beings.  Do not let your fear hold you back from attaining happiness in your life.  If you say you want a good man then accept him.  When a good man presents himself do not push him offContinue reading “A Message To The Women With Broken Hearts (Damaged Goods)”

Thorium?…. An Alternate Energy Source

Below is a link to an article that includes a video. It talks about a concept car that can be powered by a radioactive metal called Thorium. There over many different alternative energy sources out there, yet the rulers of the world do not want us to know about them. Why? Simply because our societyContinue reading “Thorium?…. An Alternate Energy Source”