Quote of the Day

The hope you hold on to in that stand-still relationship is dangerous. That hope causes you to have irrational thoughts and a misguided emotional connection. You hold on to that hope because you don’t want to believe that everything was for nothing… But it wasn’t, it was a lesson you need to learn and aContinue reading “Quote of the Day”

Quote of the Day

Love can be described by science as a biological and neurological chemical reaction…. But real love doesn’t bring a sense of excitement or a temporary high. Real love gives you a sense of tranquility, a sense that all is right and calm in the universe. Real love brings joy and pain all while remaining emotionallyContinue reading “Quote of the Day”

Poem Of The Day:  I Hate That I Miss You (Moving On)

I miss you!  I mean of course I do.  I think about all the time we spent, the late night conversations. I gave a piece of my heart to you. So why would I be a fool to deny the truth that I can’t go a minute without thinking about you. I hate this feelingContinue reading “Poem Of The Day:  I Hate That I Miss You (Moving On)”

Poem of the Day:  I Care For You (Feelings Run Deep)

Emotions run deep, I think of you constantly.  Always on my mind you make me so damn happy.  Publicly I never speak of you and me because things work better when they are kept privately.  Cautiously I navigate through this life trying my best not to make mistakes or dwell on the thoughts and eventsContinue reading “Poem of the Day:  I Care For You (Feelings Run Deep)”