Moment of the Day

Never forget that in the late 1980’s the American government funded rebels (Contra) in other countries, to over throw their government, with profits from crack cocaine sells in the United States. The black and improvised communities in South Central LA were exploited to fuel an administrations political agenda. Drug dealing is only against the lawContinue reading “Moment of the Day”

Rhyming Withthout Reason: Part 1

Sometimes life sucks, but while driving on this road I realize it’s a long ride and gas cost too much.  I make the best out of a tough situation.  Rough times with pressure applied turn into diamonds, not a cubic zirconia in disguise.  Tears of joy in her eyes when she cried and describe whatContinue reading “Rhyming Withthout Reason: Part 1”

The Overhype of Illegal Drugs

Dr. Carl Hart talks about how the media blows things out of proportion when talking about illegal drugs.  Of course there are negative effects to illegal drugs but the legal pharmaceutical drugs are no better if not worse.  The problems we face today are of social and economic origins.