Underdog Podcast: Ep. 159 – The Crypto Future Is Now


US, EU governments pledge to remove ‘selected’ Russian banks from SWIFT network

The United States and the European Union have announced a plan to cut out a group of as-yet-to-be-named Russian banks from the international payments messaging system SWIFT. — Read on http://www.theblockcrypto.com/linked/135573/russia-swift-banks-removal-plan-eu-us Now is a good time to look into crypto and blockchain investments. If Russia can’t use the SWIFT system then what will they use….

South Korean regulator to reportedly shut down 11 crypto exchanges

The sources argued that the mentioned crypto exchanges would not be able to get approval for operation by the South Korean Financial Services Commission. — Read on cointelegraph.com/news/south-korean-regulator-to-reportedly-shut-down-11-crypto-exchanges/amp More crackdowns occurring and possibly more on the way. Be careful about which crypto exchanges you use. The best way to keep your crypto safe is byContinue reading “South Korean regulator to reportedly shut down 11 crypto exchanges”

Underdog Podcast: Ep. 148 – XRP News, Binance Ban, and US Air Strikes on Syria

https://dlive.tv/Damien_Jackson?ref=dlive-zxolfpfpik Underdog Podcast (Live Stream) starting soon!!! Come join the stream!!! Support my podcast and channels by shopping at underdogproductstore. Ep. 148 – XRP News, Binance Ban, and US Air Strikes on Syria