Jordan Maxwell – The TRUE Origins of Christmas Jordan Maxwell explains the true origins of Christmas by breaking down the original meaning of certain words we use today.

Poem of the Day: Holiday Dinner

Hey, How y’all doing. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas, now that’s out of the way, where the food and shit? I came here for one reason. Once I finish eating then I’m leaving. Yea, we are cool and yea, I care about you. But today is the day that I get free food. Home cookedContinue reading “Poem of the Day: Holiday Dinner”

Poem of the Day:  Absent From Christmas (December 24, 2013)

I wish I could be home for the holidays. I’m sad to say that its not happening. I feel bad for all the sadness my absence will bring. If I could take it all back I would. But maybe this has all happened for a reason to bring about change and mend the broken bridgeContinue reading “Poem of the Day:  Absent From Christmas (December 24, 2013)”