Moment of the Day

Never forget that in the late 1980’s the American government funded rebels (Contra) in other countries, to over throw their government, with profits from crack cocaine sells in the United States. The black and improvised communities in South Central LA were exploited to fuel an administrations political agenda. Drug dealing is only against the lawContinue reading “Moment of the Day”

What Is An African American

These past few weeks with the upcoming Marvel’s Black Panther moving approaching it’s release date and all of dark skinned America excited to see a movie that has a majority dark skinned cast, production team, producer, and director; I have been pondering the term “African American”.  When we used that term for other people from other nations it isContinue reading “What Is An African American”

There Is No Income Tax Law

Listen to this interview with  Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated director Aaron Russo.  This video is an excerpt from one of his political documentaries, “America:  Freedom To Fascism”.  In this video he explains the truth about income tax and how it is unconstitutional.