Modern Day Slavery

When we were young we were told that in order to survive in this world we must have a job. We must wake up and go to work for a company or corporation so that we can attain money. Then that money is used to purchase food, goods, and housing. Now stop and think for a moment, does having a job directly put food on your table? Does it directly build you a home? Think of all the ancient cultures and think of the types of jobs they had. For the most part their jobs focused on farming, hunting, constructions, things of that nature. Now in society today we have jobs where people work at Best Buy. My point is why do we have these created jobs that do not directly provide or supply the basic needs in life. It’s because the work you do at your job fuels the profits and revenues of the worlds top 1% of earners. Those few 100 or more people who have and control the majority of the resources in this world. Our energy and efforts provides them their needs. A job should be something that contributes to the sustainability and the improvement of a community. And thus contributing to the greater society. How many jobs actually do that? How many jobs are utterly meaningless? From the workers’ view a lot doesn’t make sense but when you think in terms of profit you realize that you are just a slave in a very large and complex machine. You are the small cog that is apart of the machine. You are lubricated, inspected, and when you are no longer of use you are then replaced. The system survives only because we the common worker allows it to. They distract us with their politics. They entertain us with their movies and tv shows. They brainwash us into thinking that we need to have the lastest technology or clothing that is marked up over 300%. Simply because they want 10 billion instead of 1billion in net revenue. It’s all one big system to control us. Slavery has been in existence throughout human history. It has never ended. The only thing that has changed are the tactics. When you think of slavery you think of the physical aspect. Which I honestly believe is an easier thing to break. But the slavery we face today has been indoctrine into our lives since we were infants. The mental chains that have been placed on us is cunningy, cruel, and one day it will end. I leave you with a quote from The Matrix. A moment when Morpheus was speaking to Neo and trying to get him to see the truth….. “Free your mind.”


Question Everything

In today’s world being called a conspiracy theorist is almost a slander term.  A word used to describe a loner who sits at home and spends countless hours searching random things on the Internet.  Someone you picture as an overweight white male, living in a one bedroom apartment.  He works a dead end job that pays slightly above minimum wage and he has close to zero social life.  But why do we (the general public) image a conspiracy theorist as such.  Maybe to much mainstream media and popular tv programming has manipulated our minds into this image.  Maybe it’s a way to discredit anyone who defines themselves as one and to scare all potential theorist.  But we as free human beings who are capable of our own thoughts, how come we do not question things too.  Is it not normal to question why on a particular day you may pay $3.20 for gas then a week later you are paying $2.99?  How many times in your life have you wonder why we have certain laws and regulations?  I believe it is a completely natural thing to have questions and concerns about subjects that you feel are not right. We are taught in school to ask questions when we do not understand a lesson that is being taught.  But when we become adults we often hear that “Things are the way the are.”. Let’s be honest, when you watched the plane fly into the building then minutes later the building collapses onto itself, did you not think “How does a plane take down a huge ass skyscraper?”.  When we were told that they killed Bin Laden and they had proof with a video and a body.  Then also in the same speech we are told that we can not see the video and the body was thrown over board.  There’s no way in hell you did not wonder if they were just making up shit. The truth is that there are many “official” stories that do not make sense.  You don’t have to have a degree in Rocket Engineering to be able to notice the discrepancies in stories.  So the point is, if you have ever had any question about anything, does that make you a conspiracy theorist?  If so, does the profile of a typical conspiracy theorist fit you?  Do not let the term conspiracy theorist scare you.  There is no such thing.  There are only regular everyday people who have a few questions about what is going on in the world.