The Egocentric Perspective

Sometimes you have to understand that people are not capable of seeing things from a different perspective. No matter how much they feel they are viewing things in an objective manner, their thoughts, opinions, and emotions still generate from a self centered point of view. It is not to say that they are selfish people nor or they inconsiderate of others, but it is just the way their brains perceive the world around them. It is the only way for them to make sense of things at times and for the most part, it is a way to protect their pride or emotions. Whether it’s someone at work, a significant other, friend, or a family memeber we all no someone who portrays this characteristic. The best way to deal with these type of individuals is to reframe from any argumentative conversations, as that will only fuel the persons’ ego and belief that they are right. Instead just simply display positive body language to reassure the person that you are being an active listener. And most importantly don’t take what they say to heart or try to analyze everything. Also, your intuition allows you to detect when something is not right so use that as your guidance to help you through the situation.

A Trip to the Mall

Today I decided to get out of the house and see a movie. I figured it’s my day off and I haven’t been out in a while, so why not do an old past time. I missed the movie time so I chose to go to the mall until the next showing. As I pulled up to the parking lot I was a little in shock about the amount of people that were there. It was a Monday, the beginning of the work week and yet people were at the mall. Though it is summertime and maybe people are just on vacation. As I walk in through the doors it started to hit me that the country feels we are in hard economics times. People want to raise minimum wage and have less taxes yet nothing is stopping anyone from spending. In a country that complains about money, consumerism is not slowing down.

Continuing my journey, I see all the different clothing stores with numerous styles of fashion geared towards all the various age groups. After seeing a few stores I decided that I would like to buy a new pair of shoes. It’s been well over a year since I bought a pair for myself. I enter Footlocker and I see a couple shoes I like. Then I see the price on the shoes and at that moment a debate begins with myself…… Do I really want these shoes? Will these shoes make me feel any better about my life? Can I afford these shoes? These questions I struggle with every time I want to purchase an item. My final decision was to not buy the shoes. I found it hard to make a purchase on a product that was literally sold not less than 20 years ago. All the shoes that I am looking at were sold when I was a kid. But with a much higher price tag. I’m looking at a pair of Chuck Taylor’s All Stars that sold for $19.99 in the late twentieth century, is now being sold for $50. I refuse to buy anything that is way more expensive now that it was years ago. Yes, I understand rising costs, inflation, and other reasons for higher prices. But the fact is, the product is still the same. The people in the improvised countries that work in horrible facilities and terrible conditions are not getting paid much more. Yet these corporations are finding reasons to increase the costs and the average American is buying the product no matter what….. Well not me. I am saying no! That will most likely be my last time in a mall again.