Too Many Damn Holidays! 

Every year I seemed to notice a new holiday.  I swear most of these holidays never existed until someone made a commerical or some department store used the holiday as a reason to have a shopping sale. This year one of the random holidays that stood out to me was Flag Day. I am sorry, but what the hell is Flag Day?  I am not even interested in trying to learn the reason for the holiday or when it was created. It is completely irreverent. I am so sick and tired of all these damn holidays. There only real purpose is to get the American consumer to buy more random shit in order to display our support of it.  Take Valentine’s Day as an example.  Every year we all feel the pressure to go out and buy items that will not even be in use the next day.  Majority of everything that is purchased for that day, such as stuffed animals, toys, candy, and flowers have no real true value.  Yet we feel the pressure from the world around us and we have been programmed since children to go out and purchase things to let our loved ones know that we love them.  Have you ever decided to not buy an item for someone on Valentine’s Day, then that person be extremely mad at you?  It’s sad what the world has become.  Other holidays (Mother’s Day and Father’s Day) serves no real purpose even though it may appear that they are backed by good intentions.  Why take one day out of 365 to celebrate something that needs no real celebration.  It sounds corny and cheesy but why not celebrate every day or whenever you get a chance.  Show appreciation for your loved ones as often as possible.  That action alone eliminates at least half of these holidays.  Let’s all come together to rid ourselves of these false days of celebration.  No more Best Friend Appreciation Day, Colombus Day, Groundhog Day, etc.  These holidays only serve its purpose to fill the pockets of the global elite and distract the masses from all the real issues in this world.  Wake up and open your eyes!
SN:  This is a completely sarcastic piece.  I do know and have researched these holidays.  I know what the “official” reason is for these holidays.  I just think it’s all bullshit………  Below is a link to a government website stating the reason for the countries federal and public observed holidays.

Google Presents…. Project Soli

I am not a big fan of huge corporations that earn billions of dollars off of the average person. But this piece of tech displays the power of our minds and imagination. Hopefully it will not be used as a way to gain profits and or control the population.