Are We In The Matrix Before you believe this is some crack pot theory or delusion, think about this…….. The device that you are using to read this is nothing more than a computer program. When broken down the images on your screen is only 1’s and 0’s or binary code. Yet when you look at the screenContinue reading “Are We In The Matrix”

In Search of the Truth

   It all started with a 9/11 documentary called Loose Change. I’ve always had questions of the infamous incident from the day I saw it. I was in my freshman year of high school at Georgoe Jenkins. It was 2nd period and I was falling asleep in my Spanish class. So basically just another typicalContinue reading “In Search of the Truth”

Trying to Understand Love

Love….. Those electrical signals that start in the brain and sent through our neurons to other parts of our bodies. The key component behind our desire to find a mate and procreate. Scientifically that’s the purpose of love, is it not? Truthfully I do not understand love. I know what has been told to meContinue reading “Trying to Understand Love”

Family:  The Lost Concept 

   The idea of family has long been forgotten in today’s culture. People no longer grow up around a family foundation. Then once someone reaches adulthood they are encourage to leave their home and move far away to begin their journey in the world. The structure of family is not based on the amount ofContinue reading “Family:  The Lost Concept “

Diagnosis is Hypersomnia

   Last year around July I started to noticed that I was falling asleep while commuting to work. Ok, no big deal. I assumed it made sense because I knew I was working a lot. I know my hours are at times not normal. The life of a shift worker is crazy. But I thoughtContinue reading “Diagnosis is Hypersomnia”

Relationship Advice…..

   The worst advice to ask for is any advice dealing with a relationship. You can not ask someone to give you advice on something that is so subjective. You’re requesting the person put themselves in your shoes and determine what they would do. That’s damn near impossible. Not only does everyone feel and reactContinue reading “Relationship Advice…..”