Poem of the Day:  What I’ve Been Told

I’ve been told I’m too white.  I’ve been told I’m too black.  I’ve been told my skin is too dark.  I’ve been called an “oreo”.  I’ve been told I was poor.  I’ve been told I was spoiled.  I’ve been told I speak too well.  I’ve been told I’m ghetto.  I’ve been told I’m egoistical.  Ive been told I’m humble.  I’ve been told I’m an asshole.  I’ve been told I’m one of the nicest people you know.  I’ve been told I’m a bad father.  I’ve been told I’m a hero.  I’ve been told I’m too depressed.  I’ve been told I never stress.  I’ve been told I’m lazy.  I’ve been told I’m crazy.  I’ve been told my soul is old.  I’ve been told my face is young.  I’ve been told I’m short.  I’ve been told I don’t hold my tongue.  I’ve been told I’m honest.  I’ve been told I’m loyal.  I’ve been told I’m intimidating.  I’ve been told I’m humiliating.  I’ve been told I’m strong.  I’ve been told I’m wrong.  I’ve been told I’m right.  I’ve been told I can’t fight.  I’ve been told I’m weak.  I’ve been told I’m skinny.  I’ve been told my hair is nappy.  I’ve been told my lips are big.  I’ve been told I’m responsible.  I’ve been told I should never have kids.

We have all been told different things about us throughout our lives by family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and strangers.  Everyone has an opinion of you and that is their right as a human being.  But I am the creator and master of my own reality.  Therefore, it is only I who decides what and who I am.  It is my decision as to how I define myself. You may have an opinion but it doesn’t mean shit to me unless I allow it.  Myself and many others have face scrutiny, prejudice, and stereotypes from everyone no matter what their physical appearance is.  I have received prejudice comments from black, brown, white, yellow, and any other color of the rainbow that we use to describe our different shades of brown and pink mixture.  I’ve been made fun of by everyone.  We all have.  I don’t know what you’ve been told, but I know what I’ve been told.  And no one will define me except for ME!!!   


Published by Damien Jackson

A free thinker who is aware of what goes on in the world.

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