Police Shootings In the U.S. And How It Is Not A Race Issue

To begin, as I have stated before in a previous blog, race is a social construct.  Some people might be offended by this, to those people, I wish you attain the ability to look at things objectively.  I hope that you can allow yourself to use a rational mind to tackle difficult issues in your life and in society. 

Police brutality and fatal shootings will always be part of our society.  If we want police officers enforcing different laws and policies then we allow ourselves to be opened to potential risks.  Whether it be intentional or accidental these incidents are inevitable.  But do not let the media gass you up to believe that this issue is based on race, sexuality, or any other label  of discrimination.  It is an issue of this country and the whole world.  The mainstream media in the U.S. will tell you that majority of police related shootings are black citizens.  But that is not true.  According to statistics provided by The Guardian( a newspaper out of the U.K.), more white people are killed than blacks.  In September 2015 the current total of police shooting deaths were 776.  385 white people were killed by police officers.  As well more unarmed white people are killed more than blacks too.  Out of the 161 who were killed last year, during the time the article below was written, 66 were white.  With Hispanics and other races following right behind.  The link below details the article and how white people are killed more by police officers than black people.  But black people are killed at a higher rate due to racial disparity since there are more white people than black people.

Other statistics are also shown in the Bureau of Justice Statistics too.  From 2003-2009 42% of arrested-related deaths were white people.  Black people accounted for 31%.  

Though these are only numbers provided by institutions with their own agenda.  Honestly, either side of the argument can use different verbiage to make the numbers support their claims.  Thus how can we believe anything?  I share these numbers only to highlight how easy we the people can be manipulated into a certain opinion.  We are told that black people are killed more than other races by police shootings.  But is that truely the case?  Any story can be portrayed by any media company in order for them to identify with their targeted demographic. After all, it is about increasing profits and not telling the unbias truth.  So, instead of questioning our society as a whole we ignore the main issue and begin to think about race.  The government knows this but they rather let you be filled with anger and other emotions to distract you from other issues in the world.  With that being said, there is no honest definitive statistic that can fairly and accurately count every police officer shooting.  Each case is its own situation and can never be compared to another case.   Also there are way too many other contributing factors to take in to account.

One story the media will not show you is the case of David Kassick from Hummelston , PA.  He was an unarmed motorist who fled from a traffic stop.  He was chased down by Officer Mearkle, shot with a stun gun, and then shot him twice in the back.  He eventually died from the gunshot wounds.  In her defense she believed he was reaching for a weapon.  Last year she was acquitted of third-degree murder, voluntary and involuntary manslaughter.  But the mainstream media in this country will not tell you that.  It doesn’t fit there agenda.  In fact, while doing a Google search of this the first article that came up was from Daily Mail, another U.K. media company.  Why was this story not national news?  Where was the political, social media, and celebrity outcry for him?  I will not say which party is to blame or which is at fault in this situation.  To me that is another topic of discussion.  But something needs to change in order to prevent further incidents like this from happening.  Below is the link to the video of the incident.  Be cautious, this video displays a person being tasted then shot. 



I believe police officers have an incredibly difficult job.  Without question the have to make decisions in certain occasions that many will never know nor will they understand.  But once lives are taken and at times no legal action is brought against them, then something needs to be addressed.  These issues need to be discussed intellectually and unbias.  In this country we need to begin to see with our minds and use empathy to guide us.  Learn how to view everything from different perspectives.  Never be afraid to ask yourself the hard and unpopular questions.  Place yourself in the shoes of the person who was shot and the person who did the shooting.  Imagine yourself as an officer and a citizen…..  Until we do that no real change will ever come to about. 

Published by Damien Jackson

A free thinker who is aware of what goes on in the world.

One thought on “Police Shootings In the U.S. And How It Is Not A Race Issue

  1. Empirical, and anecdotal, evidence demonstrate Black have a greater likelihood physical interventions, when interacting with police. Also, proportinately, Blacks are shoot more by police, than whites. Police officers have a greater likelihood of experience repercussions (supension, dismissal, charges) if shooting a white person. Regardless, the real issue is proper training, de-escalation and preventing the ability of police to act with impunity in being the judge, jury and executioner with ANYONE.

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