Quote of the Day

Race does not exist.  In biology there is nothing in our genetics that defines us by a specific race.  “Race is a social construct.”.  If we as human beings want to rid this world of prejudice, stereotypes, and profiling then we must first understand where it all comes from.  It is a creation by the powers that be to keep us divided.  Every population in every part of the world has divided themselves into sub categories within their region in order for a section of people to feel superior to another.  But we must accept that we are one species.  We must appreciate and celebrate our differences.  But not let ego and pride regin over our humility.  We must change our thoughts and hearts.  It is not an issue that can be solved by taking physical action based on an emotional reaction.  But an issue that can be resolved by rational thinking.  Yes, there are many instances of injustice based physical appearance.  But we must overcome and continue to move forward.  In the end, only love can destroy it all.  

This is not a quote from a man who grew up in a predominately black culture and environment, but a man who is a conscious human being.  A rational, logical man who has hope for an even better future than today.  Progress is a slow process but it’s getting better everyday. 


Published by Damien Jackson

A free thinker who is aware of what goes on in the world.

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