Dating In the 21st Century

Long gone are the days of meeting a nice young woman and asking her for her number.  No longer do we call someone and talk over the phone for hours to break the ice and get pass that nerve wrecking introduction.  We are so far gone from the social interaction that goes into dating that we have loss connection with each other.  Too much glamorization of causal dating and “hooking up”.  Everyone wants to brag about how attractive their sexual partner is.  Since when did we start to turn our backs on our own humanity.  A few months have passed since my previous relationship ended and I am ready to date yet I find myself asking one question;  How in the hell do I date?  I’m told to download apps or friend request girls on Facebook.  Our come up with a smooth yet aggressive pickup line when I meet a girl at a club or bar.  Or even just grab a random attractive female and grind on her in the middle of the dance floor.  But is this really what I want?  Am I really trying to have a relationship with someone like that?  All of this shit is confusing to me and I believe I am not the only one.  So I say no more with the dating apps or social media.  Let’s get back to meeting someone at the mall or grocery store.  Then we can talk on the phone for hours and after I build up the courage I can ask you out on a proper date.  No you will not invite me in or kiss me just because I bought you dinner.  Nor will I ask you to come over to watch Netflix and chill.  I will treat you like a respectful young woman because that is how my mother raised me!  And I will come pick you up and pay for your meal because that is how my father raised me!  I am that throwback decent good guy!…..  But who am I kidding?  Lol, no one wants that anymore even though they say they will in there hundreds of posts of memes on Intagram and Twitter that say “Niggas ain’t shit” or “I hate these thots out here”.  Our cultural now loves to complain about things that they put no effort into.  So as I sit here and write this I still have hope that my generation still understands what it means to meet someone and take them out on a date……..  But my phone just sent me a notification that I got a match on Tinder.  So excuse me while I go back to being a hypocrite, lol.


Published by Damien Jackson

A free thinker who is aware of what goes on in the world.

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