Poem of the Day:  Verbal Threats, To Whom It May Concern

As the plot thickens and more details are mentioned, I’m slowly sharpening my blade while I plot my escape.  Don’t be surprise by the way I come and take my revenge on those who I called friends.  My hand gun has unlimited ammo that I can use in situations of self defense.  Cuz this is exactly what it is.  I’m defending my self from all of your ignorance and all the fucking idiots that believe the dumb shit that you have said.  Brainwashed, he gassed you up to think that you’re the victim.  You got caught up in your own emotions while he sat back and was holding the strings over your head.  The end result is another relationship dead.  So now it’s my turn to do what I yearn.  I’m going to fill y’all up with lead and let this bridge burn.  You thought that stab hurt me but I pulled the knife out of my back, showed it to you and laugh.  Then told you that Superman can’t get scratched.  I’m impenetrable to blows from hoes, dudes who are rude and disrespectful.  You should let them know that I hold grudges forever.  I never let shit go.  So once the crime is committed and they try to prosecute me with it.  I’ll laugh in the judges faces as he has no evidence to show.  And when they supenona my phone and they find this little poem, I’ll tell them this wasn’t a threat.  It was all just a joke.  Then I’m gone, GHOST!

Published by Damien Jackson

A free thinker who is aware of what goes on in the world.

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