Poem of the Day:  In Search Of………. 

I’m searching for that special person.  She doesn’t have to be perfect but just show me that she’s worth it.  All my time and attention is precious because it’s really only meant for my kids.  But lately I’ve been yearning to find that woman who will make my time on Earth a little less worse.  Yes, I’ve been hurt.  That’s in the past.  I brush that shit off and got up off of the grass and made it back to my road of destiny to continue on my path.  My eyes are wide open because it’s apparent now that she will not be continuing along with me.  She decided to eject out of her seat.  No ride or die chick.  She decided to leave.  And it’s time for me to give up on that dream and move on to find a new love thing.  Maybe someone dark haired and a darker skin tone.  Our someone who speaks another language and originally from a different time zone.  A little bit shorter, a little more thicker, cute in the face and has her shit together.  Someone I can count one, reliable, and responsible.  I’m searching for my equal, my female counterpart.  PATIENCE IS THE KEY!

Published by Damien Jackson

A free thinker who is aware of what goes on in the world.

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