No Matter What Happens, It’s Still Just A Flag

All this talk about what the Confederate flag represents is irrelevant.  People are getting offended and calling it racists is just ignorant.  As I watched the video of the Confederate flag being taken down in South Carolina, I was amused by the people cheering.  I can’t help but find it funny that so many people care about a flag.  A piece of fabric, which only represents what we want it to represent.  Think about all the words and symbols that have been used over the thousands of years.  What people fail to realize is that the only thing that is constant throughout time is “change”.  It doesn’t matter what the flag represented over a hundred years ago and it doesn’t matter now.  Take the swastika as an example, it was used by Hitler and Nazi Germany as their symbol.  But the swastika was and still is a symbol used in Buddhism and Hinduism.  It is also a Chinese character. 

We are too occupied with issues that have no beneficial value to our society.  A 10 year old kid does not know the Confederate flag is a symbol of racism.  The child only knows what has been told to them.  They only know a small perspective of the spectrum.  Everyone has their own opinions on the issue but that doesn’t justify their actions nor their responses.  It boggles my mind to see all these demonstrations and backlash over a flag.  Why are we wasting our time with this issues?  And now i read articles about people deciding whether or not to dig up a person’s body and relocate him because he was a known racist and a Confederate Army member.  Please stop this shit.  I can’t laugh any harder.  All we have to do is look back in this country’s history and realize that they all were most likely racist and owned slaves.  If not that then they were at least prejudice. 
My point is simple, you can not change history.  You can distort the facts and tell lies but the truth will always be there.  So why concern yourself over what happened in the past.  Just acknowledge it and move on.  We should be educating everyone about the many different representations of the flag.  Then we can accept it, learn from it, and grow.  Nothing positive is ever created from a negative place. Only an illusion of success. 

So pay no attention to the main stream media’s attempt to further divide the country by trying to us a racial issue as their tool of division.  Be smart, educate others, and spread unity!  

Published by Damien Jackson

A free thinker who is aware of what goes on in the world.

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