Are We In The Matrix
Before you believe this is some crack pot theory or delusion, think about this…….. The device that you are using to read this is nothing more than a computer program. When broken down the images on your screen is only 1’s and 0’s or binary code. Yet when you look at the screen your brain processes the code and creates an image. Hmmm…. That alone should make you question the existence of this reality. What is real? Can I really trust the things I see with my eyes? Are they not only scanning the simulation and process images then sending electrical signals to my brain? What if in reality my consciousness is projecting out binary codes into a virtual reality and I am observing a simulated reality in which I created? Maybe the purpose of life is of our own design given to us by our consciousness to feel love, experience things, and grow. The outer world is there in the physical form but only my brain interrupts it that way. Everything I see is the result of my brain processing data. There’s no definitive way to define real as we do not live in a “real” world. Our consciouness (soul) is experiencing all possibilities of this physical existence at the same time. Last, present, and future all happening at once. Think of a dream, is feels so real until you wake up. But how do you know you are not in a dream now. What if the dream you had was your subconscious mind projecting itself into another reality or a parallel universe in the multiverse. Why would there only be one universe? Why would there be only humans as the most intelligent species? We are living in a designed simulation. There are laws to this simulation but just like any other law or principle it can be broken or bent. If the whole human species were to accept that we are living in a designed reality we would all collectively as once elevate our consciouness and move into a higher dimension…… And the existence of this world would no longer exist.

Published by Damien Jackson

A free thinker who is aware of what goes on in the world.

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