Trying to Understand Love

Love….. Those electrical signals that start in the brain and sent through our neurons to other parts of our bodies. The key component behind our desire to find a mate and procreate. Scientifically that’s the purpose of love, is it not? Truthfully I do not understand love. I know what has been told to me since I was a child. I know what Dinsey movies say about love and fiary tales that always have a happy ending. But how do I define love? What is it to me? I don’t know. That might be a hard answer for some to get but it is the best honest response. There’s far too much influence from society portraying images of love upon us. First they tell us love is between a man and a woman. Or the love a parent feels for their biological child….. Wait….. In the past few decades this concept has been turned upside down. People love their adopted children as much as they love their biological. Now there is love between a man and another man as well as between two women. So disregard the previous theory. Who defines love then? Do we really know what love is? Once you strip away all the stereotypes and false images you will begin to find the answer. Love is love. It’s a state of being. Everything else are just choices made based on our perceived emotions through a chemical reaction at the time. We are 3 dimensional beings who live and thrive in the present. For example, I love my wife and kids. That’s a given, correct? But if I told you that sometimes I don’t like them then you would say I am a horrible person. You would then come to believe that I do not love my wife. Also you would think that I am a heartless person who does not care for his kids either. Wrong! I love them. Not based on any emotions are other senses and reactions from the brain. I love them based on something that we as human can not explain. Anytime I have an argument or something negative happens then my emotions take over. Thus anything that is said for felt at the time can not be trusted because my true self is not making any decisions. We are constantly clouded by misinformation on a daily basis. Our brains tells us thing that we think we know. We have been so manipulated throught out our lives that is almost damn near impossible for us to make clear decisions based on thought. But when dealing with love I trust my actions, my gut feelings, my instincts, my intuition. That unexplainable thing that guides us through our lives. Call it a spirit, God, Allah, Jehovah, or whatever name you need to. But it is there in which love exists. We all have doubts. I doubt if I love my family and my friends. I’m sure they doubt if they love me as well. But there will be certain moments in our lives where a choice will be made and that choice will be determined by love. When I think about if I love my wife I don’t think about my current state of emotions. No, I go back to the night on the wooden swing in her parents front yard, when we discuss about getting married. My parents did not think it was a good idea and a few hours before I had an argument with them. My wife asked was I certain about getting married and I hesitated. Not because I didn’t want to. Not because my family was mad. But because at that moment I felt something in which no words can describe. A calmness. I knew I was simply making a choice. Nothing more and nothing less. That moment didn’t determine my love for either of them because it already was. My existence of love for them just is. It can never be taken away. When I think about my children I think about the moment they were born. I didn’t question if I Ioved them. It just was. Think of a dog, how he loves the family that he is with. They don’t think or act upon the many different emotions you display. When you scream or punish them for peeing on your carpet. They don’t think about any of the negative choices that have been made. They only know love. It’s simple for them yet complicated to us. Why? How come we do not understand love? What are we doing wrong? My life experiences and the journey I am on has brought me to this conclusion……. I do not understand love and in this physical reality, I never will. And that’s ok. I can only try to learn more about the world and put forth effort into the people around me. Why complicate life when at its core it is just simple.



Published by Damien Jackson

A free thinker who is aware of what goes on in the world.

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