Diagnosis is Hypersomnia

Last year around July I started to noticed that I was falling asleep while commuting to work. Ok, no big deal. I assumed it made sense because I knew I was working a lot. I know my hours are at times not normal. The life of a shift worker is crazy. But I thought that I just needed more sleep. Then a couple of months went by and I realized that I was still tired no matter what. Even after a long night of rest I still found it hard to believe that there was something wrong with me. But after countless nights struggling to sleep and still feeling restless I decided to see my doctor. He told me that he did not believe I had sleep apnea. I was not overweight and I am too young to have it. Either way I felt something was wrong. So I asked to see a sleep specialist. After a couple of appointments and some sleep study tests he diagnosed me with Idiopathic Hypersomnia. A neurological disorder where a certain chemical in your brain is produced too much and causes you to always feel tired. It causes excessive daytime sleepiness. It’s similar to narcolepsy. Some studies say it effects 5% of the population. I know, when I first heard him say it I thought it was some made up bullshit too. He told me to go home and research it. He also prescribed me with medication to take to help treat the disorder though there is no known cure for it. When I did some research about it I was not too sure of it. But when I saw a video on YouTube of people describing their lives and personalities it finally hit home. I knew exactly what they were feeling. I could relate to their stories as well. I never knew that I had a disorder. I honestly believe I can never be hurt physically or have some type of disease or disorder. I think a part of me still feels that way. To think that my whole life when I slept all the way through high school there was something wrong with me. Or all the times someone called me lazy, I had a legit medical excuse. Even being late to work is because I suffer from this disorder….. Honestly I feel that this disorder has effected me my whole life but not being aware of it I have found different ways to not let it control my life. Yes I was diagnosed with it in December 2014 but now I feel like sharing it. I think I have just came to terms with it. I recently had a doctors appointment this week and I saw a pamphlet and a flyer for the Hypersomnia Foundation. Reading about the upcoming conference in Georgia forced me to come to the realization of what I have. Now I am ready to open up and talk about it. Below is a link that provides some information about it. If one person reads this and they are help in any way by this then I did my part in this world.


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